VM18 - Intercambio - EN - 32 Terms

Term Translation
to sense intuir
to wonder preguntarse
the sunflower el girasol
to teach (here: to show) enseñar
to meet (here: to be) encontrarse
up to that day hasta la fecha
the foreigner el extranjero/a
current actual
to put into practice realizar
picturesque pintoresco/a
the relative el familiar
to arrive arribar
immediately enseguida
the roof, ceiling (here: the shelter) el techo
the mule la mula
senior tercera edad
to emigrate emigrar
the hole (here: the pit) el hoyo
underground subterráneo
to make the most of aprovechar
to be suitable prestarse
(here) no matter what, at all costs a toda costa
against en contra
the pan la cacerola
not even ni siquiera
to be about tratarse
the experience la vivencia
the world cup winner el campeón mundial
field el campo
never jamás
to gather reunir
soccer… (adj.) futbolístico/a