VM 13 - Entrevista- English - 53 Terms

Term Translation
as a matter of fact, in fact de hecho
in love enamorado/a
the procedure el tramite
to love encantar
to enjoy disfrutar
the toy el juguete
diving (deep-sea) el buceo
by means of mediante
to check, to realize comprobar
(here) the stay la estancia
(here) to declare manifestar
the right el derecho
to countdown hacer cuenta regresiva
(here) to fulfill cumplir
the milestone el hito
the scholarship la beca
teamwork trabajo de equipo
(here) to enter ingresar
space el espacio
the help la ayuda
to give (as a present) regalar
to develop desarrollar
to cheer up alegrarse
(here) a journey el recorrido
stubborn, pigheaded testarudo/a
fishing la pesca
(here) to offer brindar
to arrive llegar
to put to test poner a prueba
the only el único/a
to turn over voltear
through a través de
(here) to be difficult, hard costar
the rocket el cohete
in addition además
to practice, to exercise practicar
according to según
to send enviar
to move oneself desplazarse
twist of fate cosas del destino
the space ship la nave espacial
to remember recordar
to become, turn into convertirse
the achievement el logro
to support, to back respaldar
(here) to save up juntar
to fight, to struggle luchar
to win, to obtain obtener
to deserve merecer
(here) to be about tratarse de
the power la potencia
own propio
the native country el país natal