VM 13 - Mochilero - English - 55 Terms

Term Translation
amable nice, friendly
la ciudad the city
la costumbre the habit, custom
acostarse to lie down
volverse loco/a to go crazy/mad
el paisaje the landscape
la sorpresa the surprise
sucio/a dirty
estar asentado/a to be situated, located, nestled
el ambiente the environment
el rumbo the course
húmedo/a moist, humid
llegar (here) to get there / find the place
el rato a while
el cerro the hill
disfrutar to enjoy
el verano the summer
el bicho the bug
pillar to catch
la subida the ascent, climb
peatonal pedestrian
llevarse la sorpresa to be surprised, to be taken by surprise
el pueblo the village, town
la maldición the curse
buscar to look for
el lugar the place
refrescante refreshing
el calor the heat
el inconveniente the obstacle, difficulty
campestre rural
viajar to travel
el valle the valley
cambiar to change
el ajetreo the running around, the hustle and bustle
la playa the beach
recorrer to travel
preocuparse to worry
recomendar to recommend
oscurecer to get dark
gustar to like
la vista the view
la carne the meat
relajarse to relax
encontrarse to meet
por suerte luckily
tranquilo/a relaxed, calm
los habitantes de provincia the people from the country (rural areas)
el intercambio the exchange
aconsejar to advise
la cucaracha the cockroach
bañarse (here) to go for a swim
tratar (here) to try to do something
chistoso/a funny
el trago the drink (alcoholic)
el desastre the disaster