VM 14 - Intercambio - English - 30 Terms

Term Translation
the retailer / the peddler el comerciante / vendedor ambulante
to be born nacer
funny, amusing gracioso/a
the prison la cárcel
to like gustar
to love encantar
to take care cuidar
to cross-breed cruzar
to be afraid tener miedo
ha, ha, ha ja, ja, ja
regardless, in spite of a pesar
for work por trabajo
(here) to spend time compartir
to take the time darse el tiempo
cheap barato/a
to send mandar
the fear el miedo
similar parecido/a
the vineyard el viñedo
to come back volver
the pure bred race horse el caballo pura sangre de carrera
to long for, to yearn for ansiar
to prevent, to stop impedir
envious el/la envidioso/a
to grab one’s attention llamar la atención
to be in charge estar a cargo
not... for pleasure no ... por placer
(here) to be interested preocuparse
the countryside el campo
to arrive llegar